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Book Keeping

Business owners are legally obliged to keep accurate records of all transactions. Having to focus on the actual running of your business, with all its problems, the bookkeeping routine can be an unwelcome distraction. Things can reach a stage where there are not enough hours in the day to deal with everything. In addition, many owners would agree that this is one of their least-liked duties. Because it can be very time-consuming it diverts attention away from other vital aspects of the business. Eventually, it gets to the point where there aren’t enough hours available in the day to look after everything. A real option is therefore to outsource the work to experts, which is not only cost effectve, but allows you to make better use of your time. When you choose us for your bookkeeping needs you free up your own valuable time for other tasks. Whether you are looking for someone to write up the books on a regular basis, or generate management reports from information contained on your business system, look to Total Accounting Network for help. We can provide services on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, depending on your needs. Working with us means that you will never have to be concerned about the accuracy of your accounting records again. We will be happy to work at your own premises if preferred, so allowing easy access to all the required documentation. We also have access to latest Sage updates.